Bear Season 2024 - Now Booking

Limited 2024 Fall Bear Hunt Over Bait 

We only have 2 spots as of 7/16/24  in week #2

Week# 2 five day hunt days are Monday Aug 26-Friday Aug 30th

Unfortunately, we do not have lodging available at Cedar Mill Farm & Cabins (They are booked.)  you will have to stay at a hotel or another location and arrive daily to our cabin at Cedar Mill Farm & Cabins in Athens Maine. 

Try these hotels below if you need lodging for this hunt, I have never stayed in any of these places and have no affiliation to them.:

Cheapest in Area:

 We are located in beautiful Athens Maine about 20 minutes north of Skowhegan, Maine. We have teamed up with Cedar Mill Farm & Cabins to provide an awesome location with very nice rustic cabin accommodations in a wooded setting that reside behind an old farm field and apple orchard, with a nearby stream on the property for our clients,

The cabins are very clean, have gas heaters, gas lights, a stove and a generator will be available for charging electronic devices on a limited basis each day. Cabins do not have running water or refrigerators, (Bring coolers for personal drinks, snacks etc as well as coolers for your bear meat for the ride home.) there is an outdoor privy for each cabin. Hot showers daily are available at the main lodge, with clean towels provided.

We will only be offering Semi-Guided Bear Hunts anyone needing lodging will need to contact the owners of Cedar Mill Farm & Cabins  for reservations or provide other accomodations for your hunt. Details Below:

The cabins pictured above are at Cedar Mill Farm And Cabins in Athens, Maine, there are only 4 cabins available so Call Terrie for cabin reservations 207-654-2195 immeadiatly after booking your hunt with us. You will want to book your stay from Sunday to a Saturday morning departure. Cabins cost is $32 per person, per night and you only pay for the actual nights you stay. (A Super deal!) We will meet up on Sunday evening at the Cedar Mill Farm and Cabins and show you where your bait site (s) are for the week and go over the rules and particulars of hunting with us.

Our semi-guided bear over bait hunts and bear trapping opportunities are as follows.   

We prepare and maintain our baited sites over the one month period of pre-baiting allowed by the State prior to clients arrival for their day one of hunting. We clear brush, groom our shooting lanes, place digital cameras on every site, install stands for left hand & right handed shooters who use bow, crossbow, handgun, rifle, shotgun, muzzle loaders and have them ready for each clients specific needs from ground blinds, hang on stands to double tree stands and we bait using premium products that bear just love.  Our baited sites give our clients extremely good hunting opportunity. We monitor trail cameras on all our bait sites and this is the crucial key to booking with us, we will put you on a site that we know has active legal shooting time bears frequenting the site. If our clients stay scent free, sit still, stay in stands, move very slowly when they sit our stands, your odds will be some of the best anywhere in Maine for your opportunity to harvest a Maine Black bear!  

Why are our prices for a bear hunt so low???  Our prices are low because you drive yourself to and from your bait sites in your vehicle,  you process your own bear harvested or take it to a butcher locally, you help in the retieval, you is also book your lodging yourself with low prices per night too and you cook and provide your own meals!  Cedar Mill Farm & Cabins has Gas Grills, Generators, and indoor gas stoves with cooking utensils etc..   We will also assist, as needed in removal of your bear and helping you get it to the tagging station and a local butcher to make sure you preserve your game correctly.   Bring Coolers for your meat, ice can be purchased at the local store in Athens.  You can opt to use your own butcher or do your own processing etc, back at camp.  If you plan on doing your own skinning and processing of your bear, bring necessary tools for the job with you.  If you do need assistance with this, we ask that "you do the work" under our direction, you can be our student and learn how hands on for a "fee", we will guide you through the gutting, skinning, & quartering process but this is not included with your hunting fee, another reason we are low priced. 

Our price for a semi guided Monday - Friday 5 day over bait hunt is $1200.00 

Our Trapping opportunities for licensed bear trappers, $1200 per week. If you would like to do a dual bear hunt and trap the same week, this can be pre-arranged,  "on the same bait site", hunt (1) bear by day and trap (1) bear by night for the State 2 bear limit!   The Dual Hunt & Trap Option on one bait site is $2200.00 per 5 day hunt week.   A bear trapping permit and a big game hunting license or a bear trapping permit and trapping license are required to set a trap for a bear during the bear trapping season (September 1 - October 31). You are allowed to take one bear by trapping and one bear by hunting annually. The fee for a bear trapping permit is $10 for residents and $67 for nonresidents.

Trapping Rules Fees and Regulations Click Here For Maine IFW Trapping Laws !

If you are not a licensed trapper, but would like to learn or experience trapping?  We can also offer an apprenticeship trapping week, but there is an added fee above our regular fee for trapping on our baited sites for this service because we are required to be with you at all times when you are setting, checking, harvesting and dealing with a bear trap at any time in Maine under a Guided Apprenticeship, we can offer this service to anyone that is interested in learning how to trap their first Maine bear. The fee for this is $200 per day with a minimum of 3 days. $600 for first 3 days and $200 a day after the 3rd day of the five day apprentice hunt/trap.


If this sounds like how you would like to do a Maine bear hunt adventure for yourself or you and your family and friends, contact Steve Beckwith of, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all your questions and concerns! Like and follow us on FB @MaineGuidedHunts

All licenses & permits are hunters responsibility and required by State Laws, we do not sell licenses. We will check all license & permits before you hunt.  Purchase licenses online at Maine IF&W websites

  A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to book with balance due in Cash, No Checks or CC's for final payment due at Sunday's arrival to camp.  Guides & Cabin Host Tips are not included in our pricing.

Check in time is after 12 Noon Sunday - Departure Time is 10 AM Saturday. 

1st week - August 25th - 31st, 2024 


2nd Week - 2 Openings  for  this week, September 1st - 7th, 2024 

Trapping Available too!

When you are ready to book, email us first to make sure we have available openings!

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