About Us

Hunting in Maine is one of the most challenging hunting experiences a hunter will ever encounter. The make up of our woods and terrain are nothing like the woods of States outside New England. Many hunters come to Maine to go hunting, they wait all year for that one week vacation from work, load up the car and head to Maine on their hunt, only to return home one week later with nothing but camp stories!

At Maine Guided Hunts, we offer guided hunts for archers and gun hunters. We hunt, Whitetail Deer with Muzzle Loaders, Rifle, or Archery. We offer deer management archery hunts from Sept - Dec. We hunt over bait for black bear, spring and fall turkey hunting, with archery or shotgun. Coyote Hunts with calls and over bait, and moose hunting in some of the best zones in Maine!

So...Do you want to hunt like the Maine Hunters do? Are you ready to participate in a hunting experience where you are not just the trigger puller? Our guided hunts are hunts that you take an active roll in! There's no one but you and your guide after the hunt. With us, you become the hunter and the guide becomes your hunting partner! When the trigger is pulled and the game is down on our hunts, we assist you in the recovery but, you are expected to be a sportsmen or sportswomen, young or old, to participate in the tasks at hand! Maine Guided Hunts specializes in a "Real Maine" hunting experience, from start to finish, we are there to guide you, maybe cook your meals, we won't make your beds, we will track your game, we will assist in field dressing your game, and we don't process your meat.

Don't worry ...We will guide you through any process you are unfamiliar with, (With the exception of making your bed!) our clients must have the desire to be a hunter. Not just a shooter!

If you are looking for a guide that does all the work "for you" instead of with you after you pull a trigger, we're not your guides, but if you're a true sportsmen looking for a real Maine hunting adventure from start to finish, give us a shout!

Our goal is not to just put you in a good hunting location where your odds are greatly increased for being successful in Maine's woods, our goal is to hopefully increase your knowledge of hunting in one of the hardest places in the United States and help you expand your hunting skills for the rest of your life!

Russell Specializes in turkey hunting and moose hunting, and lives in Central Maine and offers some unique hunts, to include those that want to film their hunts or be filmed, Russ loves turkey hunting and turkey hunters, young or old!

Steve offers many types of hunting, deer, bear, moose, coyote and offers a Map & Compass class and a 3 day guide school course, Steve lives in Southern Maine and offers hunts from NH's border to the Canadian Border in Western, Maine.

Contact Steve or Russ, using our contact tab, on any page, and make your next hunting adventure a "Real" Maine Hunt!